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  • The industrial robot influence pattern of global manufacturing

        Since the world's first robotics industry was born, the rapid development of the robotics industry with amazing vitality, and directly contributed to the profound changes in the traditional manufacturing sector. Today, this change is further spreading to manufacturing new economic era, penetration."Robots can have an impact on the balance of the world's manufacturing economy," which is the London consulting firm Metra Martech report submitted early in 2011 to the International Federation of Robotics in to make a prejudgment. Report that the application robot m...


    Tags:  robotics industry  robot industry 

  • Mold manufacturing industry market upgrade, driven by the development of mold industry

       The development of China's mold manufacturing industry increasingly people's attention and concern, in the electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, meters, household electrical appliances and communications products, 60% 80% of the parts have to rely on molding. It is understood that in recent years with the manufacturing base to accelerate the transfer to China, the rapid escalation of China's manufacturing industry is driving the development of mold industry.Although at present our country mold manufacturing total production has been ranked third in the wor...


    Tags:  China's mold manufacturing industry mold manufacturing 

  • 4.0 made in China not only industry, but also called on industry to the Internet

       At present, China's consumption of the Internet has been developed, but the Internet industry has not yet formed the climate. Should promote manufacturing resources with the depth of the Internet in China.In recent one or two years, China's manufacturing enterprises suddenly feel the world changed, between knowledgeable decades of entrepreneurs suddenly don't know what to do and how to do. Tide of the financial crisis has not retreated, excess capacity it has typhoon; The Internet bring about great waves, between manufacturing sampan sailing in waves of ups and downs.From the era o...


    Tags:  China's manufacturing enterprises 

  • Six industry shorten the useful life of fixed assets

       Administration of taxation recently issued announcement, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets of enterprise income tax policy. Of biological medicine and so on six manufacturing enterprises after 1 January 2014 purchases of fixed assets, allowed by not less than 60% of the enterprise income tax law the minimum depreciation period shorten the useful life, or choose to adopt double declining balance method or sum of method of accelerated depreciation.6 including biological pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and ot...



  • The ownership of the machinery and equipment to the depreciation of fixed number of year, will be a glimmer of skilled workers

       50 years old muckraking sichuan Turner PangChengXiang, cixi in ningbo work at a small business Carrie bearing co., LTD has more than 10 years. "Into the factory in 2004, the company is the longest time I work." PangChengXiang said proudly.As a skilled lathe operators, take the initiative to move or poached by other enterprises are looking for better development is often the case, what makes Mr Master's footsteps in the bearing factory down the "stop"? "Because I am using the lathe from using the first day I have, I am responsible for the machine maintenance good, g...



  • The development prospects of machine tool accessories

       China's machine tool industry is affected by the financial crisis hit hard, all sorts of policy also greatly encouraged the development of machine tool accessories business, encourage continuously seek to develop in the crisis, due to the influence of economic crisis, machine tool accessories market overall contraction, the user's requirements more strict, plus foreign major machine tool enterprises competitive pressure, make relevant domestic enterprises market facing the big risk.  The next three years to complete the China machine tool industry revitalization planning objective...


    Tags:  machine tool 

  • CNC machine tool industry development with Chinese characteristics

       Development path of China's CNC machine tool industry has its own distinctive way to go, the key is to accelerate businessoriented, marketoriented, a combination of technological innovation system.First, the machine tool industry to support the formation of technology innovation system.According to the development needs of highend CNC machine tools in the machine tool industry there are plans to build automation equipment for the automotive industry, the formation of five large stateprecision complex metal forming machine tools, ultraprecision grinding, special processing, highend CNC mach...


    Tags:  machine tool  CNC  machine tool industry 

  • Enterprise "labor panic" solution

       A new spring came, the enterprise employment contradiction intensified again, "labor shortage and labor panic" phenomenon intensified. Whether it is personal, social, national, enterprise, labor turnover rate in Chinese society has far exceeded the proportion of many countries. Many enterprise employee turnover rate is generally high, why, employee turnover rate is very high, but the turnover rate is high. An enterprise employee flow rate exceeds the unimaginable, caused the enterprise to have the Spring Festival to the normal operation of production and sales enterprise, lost a lot ...


    Tags:  enterprise "labor panic" solution  multi-spindle tool  multi-axis drilling machine 

  • Change the Industrial Ecological Revolution

        What is the 4.0 ? Germany Hamburg Academy of science academician Zhang Jianwei said, industry 4.0 means to industrial Internet, cloud computing, robotics technology together, the integration of the production process, so that a more intelligent, more predictable in the whole production process. China Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei said, future intelligent equipment, products will be through the cable and wireless communication way together, is what we often say that the Internet of things or industrial internet.According to the current industry ...


    Tags:  industrial 4.0  machine  industrial Internet 

  • The mold machine tool industry change, the high-end machine tool into the mainstream

       Mould industry in our country every year a huge import and export amount has been hailed as a "manufacturing power" in the world, but as a result of technical talent and other factors, are relatively concentrated in the field of midrange, highend market for domestic mould enterprises, economic allure is huge. It is understood that China's machine tool consumption has been the world's first for 10 years in a row, has become the world's most active machine tool market, and mould machine tools as one of the important branch, share is also growing.At present, the dome...


    Tags:  machine tools  mould industry mold enterprise  the high-end machine tool into the mainstream 

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