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  • Machinery industry: automation can replace manual?

       Automated substitution of labor may be the first manifestation of the traditional laborintensive industries, Foxconn has been a largescale promotion. Labor intensive industry, the equipment will will open the traditional mechanical set ceilings Mao industry development, promote the machinery and equipment sales continued to grow. From the actual demand, agricultural automation machinery, metallurgical and mining equipment, packaging and printing equipment and transportation and other special automation machinery may focus on the benefit."Rising labor costs, as well as the continuous impr...


    Tags:  machinery industry  automation machinery  machine tools 

  • Cutting tool industry development rapidly

        Manufacturing industry in our country, most companies rely on cheap labor as the main means of cost reduction, less attention by improving the processing means to improve efficiency in order to save costs, China's manufacturing tool consumption level is low, only accounts for 1% ~ 2% of the manufacturing cost. Materials to the production and development of human is basis, from the stone, bronze, iron, until into the modern era of industrialization, in the human exploration of the world, the change of cutting tools has played a key role.In modern manufacturing powerhouse, nc ...


    Tags:  machine tools  Manufacturing industry  mold industry 

  • The ownership of the machinery and equipment to the depreciation of fixed number of year, will be a glimmer of skilled workers

       50 years old muckraking sichuan Turner PangChengXiang, cixi in ningbo work at a small business Carrie bearing co., LTD has more than 10 years. "Into the factory in 2004, the company is the longest time I work." PangChengXiang said proudly.As a skilled lathe operators, take the initiative to move or poached by other enterprises are looking for better development is often the case, what makes Mr Master's footsteps in the bearing factory down the "stop"? "Because I am using the lathe from using the first day I have, I am responsible for the machine maintenance good, g...



  • In the first two months of mechanical industrial prices downward

        Since this year, power shortage in the world economic recovery, economic downward pressure, under the background of developing deep contradictions, machinery industry in China under the new normal growth continued to slow down, especially is affected by lack of demand, two months before the mechanical industrial product price change from the previous year to modestly from month to month, appeared a downward trend.Statistics show that 1 ~ 2 month machinery industrial products total price index is 98.96, while 0.16% higher than a year earlier, but better than January dropped 0.5%,...


    Tags:  machinery industry  Machine tool industry 

  • The development prospects of machine tool accessories

       China's machine tool industry is affected by the financial crisis hit hard, all sorts of policy also greatly encouraged the development of machine tool accessories business, encourage continuously seek to develop in the crisis, due to the influence of economic crisis, machine tool accessories market overall contraction, the user's requirements more strict, plus foreign major machine tool enterprises competitive pressure, make relevant domestic enterprises market facing the big risk.  The next three years to complete the China machine tool industry revitalization planning objective...


    Tags:  machine tool 

  • CNC machine tool industry development with Chinese characteristics

       Development path of China's CNC machine tool industry has its own distinctive way to go, the key is to accelerate businessoriented, marketoriented, a combination of technological innovation system.First, the machine tool industry to support the formation of technology innovation system.According to the development needs of highend CNC machine tools in the machine tool industry there are plans to build automation equipment for the automotive industry, the formation of five large stateprecision complex metal forming machine tools, ultraprecision grinding, special processing, highend CNC mach...


    Tags:  machine tool  CNC  machine tool industry 

  • Enterprise "labor panic" solution

       A new spring came, the enterprise employment contradiction intensified again, "labor shortage and labor panic" phenomenon intensified. Whether it is personal, social, national, enterprise, labor turnover rate in Chinese society has far exceeded the proportion of many countries. Many enterprise employee turnover rate is generally high, why, employee turnover rate is very high, but the turnover rate is high. An enterprise employee flow rate exceeds the unimaginable, caused the enterprise to have the Spring Festival to the normal operation of production and sales enterprise, lost a lot ...


    Tags:  enterprise "labor panic" solution  multi-spindle tool  multi-axis drilling machine 

  • It is very important to how to correctly use of porous drilling machine

       Porous drilling machine is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment, equipped with process equipment on porous drilling machine, boring, on the porous drilling machine drilling machine with universal table can also drilling, reaming, reaming, deserve to go up a long auger drilling machine or tapping machine can put several at a time, and even a decade or two, a hole or thread due to its superior performance, porous drill is widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering and other ...



  • The mold machine tool industry change, the high-end machine tool into the mainstream

       Mould industry in our country every year a huge import and export amount has been hailed as a "manufacturing power" in the world, but as a result of technical talent and other factors, are relatively concentrated in the field of midrange, highend market for domestic mould enterprises, economic allure is huge. It is understood that China's machine tool consumption has been the world's first for 10 years in a row, has become the world's most active machine tool market, and mould machine tools as one of the important branch, share is also growing.At present, the dome...


    Tags:  machine tools  mould industry mold enterprise  the high-end machine tool into the mainstream 

  • Milling head

        Milling head, the installation on the milling machine and connected to the main shaft, used to drive the cutter rotating machine accessories, is the main component of machine tool equipment.The classification of the nc milling bed CNC milling since the industrial revolution, great changes have taken place in machine tool industry. Most people know is milling machine, lathe and drill press, known as the common machine tool, the equipment through technical workers operating the hand wheel moving head make the cutter knife along the right direction to the parts processed by position.Relativ...


    Tags:  Milling head definition Milling head development Milling head characteristics Milling head role 

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