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  • Machinery industry: automation can replace manual?

       Automated substitution of labor may be the first manifestation of the traditional laborintensive industries, Foxconn has been a largescale promotion. Labor intensive industry, the equipment will will open the traditional mechanical set ceilings Mao industry development, promote the machinery and equipment sales continued to grow. From the actual demand, agricultural automation machinery, metallurgical and mining equipment, packaging and printing equipment and transportation and other special automation machinery may focus on the benefit."Rising labor costs, as well as the continuous impr...


    Tags:  machinery industry  automation machinery  machine tools 

  • In the first two months of mechanical industrial prices downward

        Since this year, power shortage in the world economic recovery, economic downward pressure, under the background of developing deep contradictions, machinery industry in China under the new normal growth continued to slow down, especially is affected by lack of demand, two months before the mechanical industrial product price change from the previous year to modestly from month to month, appeared a downward trend.Statistics show that 1 ~ 2 month machinery industrial products total price index is 98.96, while 0.16% higher than a year earlier, but better than January dropped 0.5%,...


    Tags:  machinery industry  Machine tool industry 

  • The development prospects of machine tool accessories

       China's machine tool industry is affected by the financial crisis hit hard, all sorts of policy also greatly encouraged the development of machine tool accessories business, encourage continuously seek to develop in the crisis, due to the influence of economic crisis, machine tool accessories market overall contraction, the user's requirements more strict, plus foreign major machine tool enterprises competitive pressure, make relevant domestic enterprises market facing the big risk.  The next three years to complete the China machine tool industry revitalization planning objective...


    Tags:  machine tool 

  • CNC machine tool industry development with Chinese characteristics

       Development path of China's CNC machine tool industry has its own distinctive way to go, the key is to accelerate businessoriented, marketoriented, a combination of technological innovation system.First, the machine tool industry to support the formation of technology innovation system.According to the development needs of highend CNC machine tools in the machine tool industry there are plans to build automation equipment for the automotive industry, the formation of five large stateprecision complex metal forming machine tools, ultraprecision grinding, special processing, highend CNC mach...


    Tags:  machine tool  CNC  machine tool industry 

  • Milling head

        Milling head, the installation on the milling machine and connected to the main shaft, used to drive the cutter rotating machine accessories, is the main component of machine tool equipment.The classification of the nc milling bed CNC milling since the industrial revolution, great changes have taken place in machine tool industry. Most people know is milling machine, lathe and drill press, known as the common machine tool, the equipment through technical workers operating the hand wheel moving head make the cutter knife along the right direction to the parts processed by position.Relativ...


    Tags:  Milling head definition Milling head development Milling head characteristics Milling head role 

  • CNC high speed power head

        Along with the growing complexity of the machined part,, class of accuracy and machining efficiency, axial, high speed machine tool becomes more necessary conditions, in addition to the machining center machine to, multiple functions, already by the early horizontal lathe developed many new processing forms, such as double tower, vertical lathe, lathe, and handstand car milling compound model, to conform to the requirements in the new era processing way.CNC high speed power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. This ki...


    Tags:  CNC high speed power head CNC high speed power head supplier CNC high-speed characteristics of power head CNC high speed power head wide applicability 

  • Porous drilling CNC application and effect

        Porous drill known as drilling machine, multiaxis machine, multiaxis drilling device or multiple spindle head. Is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment. A typical porous drill as long as with ordinary drilling machine can a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread onetime treatment.CNC porous drill is widely used in machinery industry parts of drilling and tapping processing. Such as valves, automobile, motorcycle porous components. Engine body shell, aluminum castings, the wheel hub, brake drums, brake discs, steering gear, differential sh...


    Tags:  Numerical control porous drilling application Numerical control porous drilling effect CNC porous drill suppliers Nc porous drill manufacturers 

  • The characteristics of the two different porous drill

        Porous drill known as drilling machine, multiaxis machine, multiaxis drilling device or multiple spindle head. Is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment. A typical porous drill as long as with ordinary drilling machine can a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread onetime treatment.Porous drill is also called the group of drill, can be used for drilling and tapping, general models are available 216 holes, promote efficiency, fixed number of informal model axis, drill spindle form, size can be designed in accordance with customer needs proce...


    Tags:  Porous drill Porous drilling characteristics Multi-axis machine Multi-axis drilling machine Vertical porous drilling Horizontal porous drill 

  • CNC machine tool servo system is the important role to machine tool

       Abstract: Servo system is used to precisely follow or a feedback control system in the process of repetition. Its effect is the mechanical displacement accurately tracks the input to the output displacement of the structure, and other forms of feedback control system there is no difference in principle. At present, China is pushing for automation of industrial manufacturing process, the process requires a lot of industrial robots and machine tool equipment, the equipment in the aspect of the overall control of the servo system has very important application. Servo system is also called th...


    Tags:  CNC machine tools Machine tool servo system important CNC machine tool servo system Machine tool feed movement Multi-axis drilling machine 

  • Drilling machine maintenance and preserve

        To extend the service life of drilling machine, slow parts wear and prevent all kinds of failure, then for drilling machine for daily maintenance and preserve.Drilling machine daily maintenance required in each time before work or after work, conducted by drilling machine operators. The regular preserve must be carried out by professionals, general preserve cycle is once a year or half a year at a time. Below is a drilling machine daily maintenance and preserve should pay attention to the problem.Daily maintenance:1. Before work or after work need to do a good job of cleaning drilling ma...


    Tags:  Drilling machine maintenance Drilling machine preserve Drilling machine numerical control system preserve Drilling machine pneumatic system preserve High quality drilling machine 

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