Pneumatic Press PRNA-2000


PRNA-2000 F Pedal Control
PRNA-2000 H Button Control

Model PRNA-1300A PRNA-2000 PRNA-2600
Maximum working height (mm) 460 350 400
Connection Block(whole group adjustable) 300 220 250
Cylinder soecifications (mm) Φ160×100 Φ200×100 Φ160×100
Adjustable stroke of cylinder (mm) 50 50 50
Area of working bench (mm) 300×300 300×300 300×300
Power (AC,50HZ) 220V 220V 220V
Weight (kg) 205 213 215
Operating pressure 0.4-0.7 0.4-0.7 0.4-0.7
Mpa Theoretic pressure(KG)
0.4 753 1204 1506
0.5 942 1504 1884
0.6 1130 1804 2260
0.7 1318 2104 2636

The actual output is about 80% theoretical output.


Model C D d E F G G1 H h h1 J L M N
PRNA-1300A 500 Φ53 Φ30 150 300 300 370 1250 450 120 200 45 M10 Φ110
PRNA-2000 500 Φ53 Φ30 150 300 300 370 1350 450 120 200 45 M10 Φ110
PRNA-2600 500 Φ53 Φ30 150 300 300 370 1450 450 120 200 45 M10 Φ110

Drawing on physical dimension

Pneumatic Press PRNA Drawing on physical dimensions

Pneumatic Press PRNA

· Take compressed air as power source,easy to operate.
· There is not noise and environmental pollution generated by hydraulic system in standby timd,power consumption can be saved,and production costs can be reduced.
· Multi-functional purposes is suitable for pressure intl the bearings,punching,riveting,assembly,cutting,etc.
The shut heighy can be adjusted according to the size of the product or the mold.
· Adjustable stroke cylinders,stroke can be customized,column heighy can also be customized.
Output force is easily adjusted by adjusting air pressure,the required pressure can be gotten only by adjusting air pressure,it is simple and convenient.
· Safety design,comfortable operation,human-based consideration suitable for long-terni operatuion.
· If need to do quick digression during operation,quick exhaust valve is optional.


Please loosen both locking screws at first when adjust the height of movable base.
Movable base do a up and down moving,it is used to adjust the gap between it and vertical column.
To fasten locking screws after finish adjusting gap.

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