Extra Length Drill Bits, Drill Bit Size 9.5mm, Overall Length 200mm


●Type: Extra Length Drill Bits
●Drill Bit Size: 9.5mm
●Overall Length: 200-450mm
●Material: High Speed Steel
●Size: (Drill Bit Size) x (Overall Length)

Extra Length Drill Bits

9.5 x 200: $12.99

9.5 x 300: $16.99

9.5 x 250: $15.99

9.5 x 350: $18.99

9.5 x 400: $21.49

9.5 x 450: $22.99

PURROS Machinery Professional manufactured Hydro Speed Regulator(R-A, RB), Multi-Spindle Heads(2 Spindle, 3 Spindle, 4 Spindle), Servo Tapping Machine, Self-Feeding Drill Units, Level Clamp, Universal Stand, Pneumatic Press. We can custom Special Purpose Machine (SPM) with a combination of 2 or more operations like milling, boring, drilling, chamfering & tapping. Our market covers South East Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Kampuchea, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka; The Middle East: India, Pakistan, Iran, Dubai, Syria; Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya; Europe: Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey Americas: Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru