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The structure of the Hydraulic Damper


    Damper is only one component, used in different places or working environment have different damping effect, such as vibration attenuation, shockproof, etc. When moving at low speed, faster than the corresponding values latch, form a rigid support. Now according to the role of the damper can be divided into a lot of kinds, have spring damper, hydraulic damper, pulse damper, rotating damper, wind damper, viscous damper and so on.

    With Hydraulic Damper is a kind of sensitive response to speed of vibration control device, it is made of head, tail joint bearing, piston rod, hydraulic cylinder, oil cylinder, damping control valve and trip indicating device. Joint bearing is a special structure sliding bearing that mainly made of a spherical outside within the inner ring and a within spherical outer ring. Its characteristic is able to withstand a larger load. Piston rod is a connecting part which supports piston work, it is essential motion execution part of oil storage cylinder and hydraulic cylinder, is also a frequent movement, high technical requirements of the moving part. Piston rod processing requirement is high, the difficulty is big, has been the processing personnel puzzle, because the piston rod processing quality good or bad directly affect the entire product life and reliability. The hydraulic cylinder is to do the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy in a straight line reciprocating movement (or swinging movement) of hydraulic actuator. It has simple structure, reliable operation, the speed reducer can be avoided, smooth movement, and there is no transmission clearance, etc.

    Hydraulic damper is mainly suitable for nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical plants, steel mills, etc. vibration of pipeline and equipment. Commonly used to control the impact of fluid vibration, such as safety valve discharge, water hammer, broken tube, etc. hit turbulence.


Hydraulic Damper
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