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The role of inverter in tapping machine


    Inverter is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the motor working way of power frequency to control the power of ac motor control device. Inverter is a kind of electric energy control device, it is the use of power semiconductor devices the on-off function of the power frequency power conversion to another frequency, can realize the ac asynchronous motor soft start, frequency control of motor speed, improve the operation accuracy, change power factor, over-current, over-voltage, overload protection, etc. With the continually improvement of the industrial automation level, inverter used in the field of tapping machine is becoming more and more widely.

    Inverter can play three roles in tapping machine. High performance, now basically all inverters are required to vector control methods, and appears to a small amount of different levels of control structure and algorithm; Easy to grasp, the user demand for the inverter gradually translates into the locale device, and add setup tool on software, through the user operation simplifies the debugging process; Functional modularity and intelligent demand are also gradually rise.

    In tapping machine use inverter, also played the two protection functions. When found the abnormal state, take correction action automatically, such as over current stall prevent, the regeneration overvoltage stall prevention; when found abnormal, blockade power semiconductor devices control signal, make the machine automatically stop. Such as current cut off, regeneration voltage is cut off, semiconductor cooling fan overheating and instantaneous power cut protection, etc.

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