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The principle of precision tapping head shaft head

 Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. This kind of cutter holder normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used in the driving force of knife tower on the machining center.

Precision shaft head of power head, a variable speed drive mechanism is relatively simple, the form is varied, the basic principle is the motor drives a gear shifting mechanism, can realize the boring, milling, drilling, and other functions, some with guide rail, can the linear motion of a small scale, can do simple processing, general accuracy is not high.
Power head is divided into a variety of products. The main are: drilling power head and tapping head two kinds big. For mechanical industry to launch the new policy, taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Has been updated, the purros servo precision synchronous tapping power head, high power and high performance is used for servo motor, the numerical control system of high precision power head. Make small aperture and blind hole tapping more accurate and higher precision.
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Supply all kinds of power head, welcome calls, letters, come kind advice.
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