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The ownership of the machinery and equipment to the depreciation of fixed number of year, will be a glimmer of skilled workers

50 years old muckraking sichuan Turner PangChengXiang, cixi in ningbo work at a small business Carrie bearing co., LTD has more than 10 years. "Into the factory in 2004, the company is the longest time I work." PangChengXiang said proudly.


As a skilled lathe operators, take the initiative to move or poached by other enterprises are looking for better development is often the case, what makes Mr Master's footsteps in the bearing factory down the "stop"? "Because I am using the lathe from using the first day I have, I am responsible for the machine maintenance good, get the job done."


Originally, cixi Carrie bearing company years ago has an innovation measure, is to make a line of skilled operators into a large second "owner" of the equipment. "We sign a contract with operators, machinery and equipment to the depreciation of fixed number of year, their personal ownership. They can choose to sell cash, can also return to collect the rent." Chairman the Chen said.


Pang master this lathe processing the main products are cast iron pieces. In the production site, the rotating machine does not have a cacophony of noise and machine tools more see after years of running the breeders aim of stains. Best enjoy Chen says, this machine is the enterprise in 2006 to nearly 40000 yuan prices to buy, when we signed the contract with master pang, clear depreciation of 10% a year, according to the regulations of the state, ten years after the expiry of the pang master individual all. "In the past, this equipment use three years is too bad. But now because of maintenance good, almost no overhaul, minor repairs and rarely, lathe operation still looks and seventy percent new."


Speaking of when signing a contract, pang teacher say "can't believe it". Best enjoy also specially invited enterprise trade union chairman Chen as a witness, and pang master to sign the "enterprise equipment owned by employee agreement". As necessary, the company also revised the maintenance system, equipment overhaul and minor repair fee will be Shared by different proportion and personal.


After ten years of machine for himself, of course like to love children love it. Pang teacher treat machine special care at ordinary times: "I on lathe processing products wear particularly big, so often ash, oiling, once found to have a problem, just maintenance, try not to make big trouble with the machine." Master pang said, his love for the machine also affected workers, each other between co-workers before using machine, many also very casual, "but now even if want to use, also can 'owner's prior consent, and will be careful operation."


Money to buy the equipment shall be the worker's ten years later, is too deficient as a boss? The best enjoy another bill Chen: let employees into equipment, after the "second club" enterprise maintenance costs significantly decreased. At the same time with proper maintenance, processing product quality is stable, lower defect rates. And, more importantly, it also for the enterprise to retain and cultivate a batch of talents: "pang master into the party in 2007, his job also became a party member ShiFanGang, he also brought two disciples."


Right now, "Carrie" has 12 employees to do the second "owner" of large mechanical equipment, nearly 10% of the enterprises operators. Due to the move in such aspects as to motivate the employees with the outcome, Chen centenarians enjoy has considered the new buy several millions of dollars worth of nc machine tools also use the same method of employees "on board", "the specific operation method has set up a file in the formulation." He said.


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