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Tapping Machine safety operation and maintenance


    Tapping Machine safety operation

    1, before operation, check whether the bolt is strong, the power switch and circuit are in good condition, the removal of foreign body on the machine. In accordance with the provisions in labor protection supplies;

    2, before operation must be stipulated in part injecting lubricant, agent, lipid etc. After the machine functioning, flexible to begin to work;

    3, before tapping, must be required tapping the work piece, tools must be neat, smooth sailing. Shall not exceed the maximum cutting ability, avoid machine overload;

    4, according to the requirement of the size, debug the tap size and depth, enough to prevent sliding tooth and tooth. When to replace the tap should be cut off power supply, pull out the plug, with a key fastened after new tap, must take the keys from drill clamp head down, lest cause safety accidents;

    5, tapping out clutter, should be left open or slot hole so that debris discharge, and to clear in time. Chip removal should be with the help of a brush, it is forbidden to use air gun to blow crumbs;

    6, when a failure occurs, should immediately cut off power supply, maintenance and timely feedback to the maintenance group, it is strictly prohibited to overhaul equipment;

    7, self-checking artifacts often tooth grain quality.

    8, or work for a long time need not when, should shut off the power, clean equipment and work site.

    In order to prolong Tapping Machine service life, should pay attention to maintenance in the daily use, it is important to note the following:

    1, should include the oil before starting every day, should check each motion mechanism of the machine is normal;

    2, often give drainage, air compressor air compressor water if too many not drained in time, will bring to motor, time is long, the bearing will not flexible;

    3, after the completion of the work, should wipe the table, and apply good anti-rust oil, keep the inside and outside clean, no rust, no dust, no pollution;

    4, cleaning the electrical box, and check whether all electrical components and circuits are in good condition, replacement parts according to the situation;

    5, check whether the switch button is sensitive and reliable;

    6, main shaft and air shaft, wash each year shall be apart, and the idler shaft inner cavity filled with lubricating oil.


 Tapping Machine Part


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