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Power head structure and advantage


    Power head is by the main motion and feed motion and control device of a drilling machine. In order to make the appearance of portable cabinet, power head adopts shaft embedded cylinder structure, main shaft and the piston rod of concentric, inside a hollow piston rod is equipped with imported rolling bearing, in this way can improve the rotation accuracy of the main shaft, the main shaft is installed on the bearing, and connects motor, the cylinder block is fixed on the bracket, mounted on the piston rod of hydraulic governor and stroke adjustment screw, as long as the adjusting screw collision limit switch, can achieve power head spindle reset. Power head as a combination machine tool one of the important power components, in the automobile, motorcycle industry, home appliance industry, digital controlled drill, automatic tapping machine and other manufacturing industries have a wide range of application.

    Power head has so widely used, because it has the following advantages:

    1, no matter how the hardness of the material, even a very thin or very soft material can also be processed, because the power head cutter into to rotate is synchronized.

    2, can easily adjust the processing thread diameter, thread pitch and stroke, which indicates that the strong adaptation of power head.

    3, long stroke, attachment is variety, single spindle tapping head is to replace with multi-axis tapping head, very simple to operate, the most important thing is that can meet big and small batch production at the same time.

    4, the classification of power head much more special, the choice is very big, according to processing conditions from the abundance of species can choose the most suitable models.


Power Head
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