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Oil pressure drilling machine transmission way

Abstract: The oil pressure drilling machine is a kind of hole processing equipment. It is widely used in the machinery industry in the processing of high precision and mass production of high-precision machining. 
Oil pressure drilling machine is a kind of hole processing equipment, the equipment is widely used in high volume production and machining accuracy requirement of high precision machining industry, such as die casting industry, computer case, mobile phone shell, plumbing sanitary hardware industry, etc. 
Oil pressure drilling machine transmission way is as follows: 
1. Oil pressure drilling machine with oil pressure automatic feed drilling head: Spindle rotation by a motor through a belt, pulleys, spline etc. driven spindle achieves rotation. 
2. Feed movement: Motive power is provided by a hydraulic station, through the spindle oil cylinder body and speed regulation valve to achieve fast forward, work into conversion. 
3. Work into the speed adjustment: Through adjusting the control valve knob to achieve feeding velocity transformation. 
4. Oil pressure drilling machine drilling depth adjustment: the machine is equipped with the upper limit, lower limit switch, by adjusting the lower limit of a travel switch to adjust the drilling depth, upper limit for spindle reset a travel switch position, fast forward into conversion position adjustment, by adjusting the speed regulating valve block is to adjust the fast forward, into the transformation of the position. 
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