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Hydraulic machinery hydraulic pump failure reason


    Hydraulic pump is the power component of hydraulic system, its role is to prime mover's mechanical energy convert into liquid pressure energy, refers to hydraulic system oil pump, it offer power to the entire hydraulic system.

    When hydraulic machinery hydraulic pump failure, can from the following three points to find the cause reason.

    1, checks up swing arm hydro-cylinder inner leakage condition. The easiest way is the rising of the movable arm to see if it has obvious free fall. If falling significantly disassemble cylinder to check, seal should be replaced even if already wear.

    2, check control valve. First clean the valve, check valve core whether wear, such as wear should be replaced. Relief valve is installed if still no change, check control valve’s valve core abrasion, and its clearance limit is usually is 0.06 mm, wear badly should be replaced.

    3, measuring hydraulic pump pressure. If pressure is low, the adjustment, plus pressure is still not up, then hydraulic pump serious wear and tear.

    In the process using hydraulic pump should pay attention to the correct use and maintenance, to add or replace hydraulic oil regularly, maintain the purity of the hydraulic oil, strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance. As a result, to increase the service life of hydraulic pump, does not affect the efficiency of hydraulic mechanical work.

    Hydraulic machinery includes hydraulic damper, hydraulic tapping machine, hydraulic shock absorber, hydraulic machine tool, etc. And hydraulic forming technology in auto accessory factory, aerospace accessory factory, air-conditioning accessory factory, electronic factory, electrical equipment factory and other industries have been widely used.

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