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How to understand China 2025 through the German manufacturing industry 4.0 ?

Industry 4.0 depicts the vision for the future of manufacturing, the purpose is to raise the intelligence level of the manufacturing sector, the establishment of adaptive, resource-efficient plants wisdom, customers and business partners to integrate business processes and value in the process, which is based on network technology entities and physical interconnection systems.


Regardless of its name is the German Industry 4.0, the US Internet industry in China is still 2025, cross-border integration of information technology and traditional industries has become an inevitable trend. An era of manufacturing to custom, intelligent manufacturing and manufacturing services in the direction of the transformation has come.


And American popular third industrial revolution, saying different things, for the evolution of industrial history, the German manufacturing sector will be gradual progress technology described four stages of the industrial revolution, namely Industry 4.0 of evolution.


After 18 years, half of the century to be born as a symbol of industrial steam locomotive 1.0 times, the early 20th century as a symbol of Ford's assembly line, electrified characterized by industry 2.0, began in 1970 to automate the manufacturing industry label affixed 3.0 now in intelligent manufacturing as the leading industrial 4.0 become one of the hottest contemporary terms.


In simple terms, it began in 2013 by the German Industry 4.0 is designed to make full use of information and communication technology and cyberspace virtual system - information about the physical system (cps, cyber physical system), the manufacturing transition to highly intelligent.

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