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Enterprise "labor panic" solution

A new spring came, the enterprise employment contradiction intensified again, "labor shortage and labor panic" phenomenon intensified. Whether it is personal, social, national, enterprise, labor turnover rate in Chinese society has far exceeded the proportion of many countries. Many enterprise employee turnover rate is generally high, why, employee turnover rate is very high, but the turnover rate is high. An enterprise employee flow rate exceeds the unimaginable, caused the enterprise to have the Spring Festival to the normal operation of production and sales enterprise, lost a lot of. "There is a company plans to spend about 10% of their existing assets as part of the shares, according to skill level and staff's contribution, presented to all employees, from every one of the most ordinary workers to senior management personnel, everybody has a share, but in the end still take a lot of people.


Exactly why employees leave this environment, many enterprises boss in the reflection of a real problem, is the development of enterprises is not good, can't learn anything, environment is not good or badly treated? Many companies spend money to release the recruitment information and labor market employment in various media, many enterprises heave great sighs, are very difficult to find suitable employment, in fact, is very difficult to find employment, to recruit and to afford wages, others will not pick you.



In the future market competition, employment is a major bright spot, is also the enterprise object to fight sought after, also the contradiction between the enterprise and enterprise. In the development of enterprise competitive society, in the end is the employment competition, many companies recruit people, people, people, people need to have a process and time, there is a two-way choice, you hired me today, I don't choose you, I went to apply for a job, you also do not vote for me, after you hired me, after a certain stage of development, the individual value is not reflected, it can only go, thus caused the "labor shortage" phenomenon is caused by the high turnover rate, employment.


Purros is a company specializing in the production of manufacturing power head, dampers, multi-spindle tool, combination machine tool products such as machinery company. Multi-spindle tool commonly known as porous drill, multi-axis drilling machine, multi-axis machine tools or multiple spindle head, is a new kind of hole processing equipment, can multiple holes in one time and greatly reduce the manpower and material resources of the enterprise, can very good deal with the shortage of the enterprise.


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    Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. ...


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