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Automotive retarder of two effect of form is introduced

  Abstract: Automotive in slow or long slope, and enable the retarder can smooth deceleration, eliminates the use of the brakes caused by wear and heat. 
  Automotive retarder gear accordance with its torque role in style, can be divided into primary retarding device and secondary retarding device, the former effect in the front part of the gearbox, while the latter role behind the part of a gearbox. 
  Primary retarding device is a blow to engine device, includes through waste gases  cam adjustment and makes a device for waste gas into the air compressor JACOBS retarding device, and the landscape directly inside the valve on the exhaust gas closed clogging FOWA, OETIKER and SMITH retarder devices. Primary retarding device because of its braking power is small, it is difficult to achieve auto braking regulations requirements and can only match with other retarding device use; And because of the noisy sound engine, maintenance, repairs and clutch gearbox shift class retarding device function failure problems in the process, at the end users, especially the driver there is difficult to get approval, its development was limited. 
  Secondary retarding device is directly installed in the gearbox of eddy current retarder device and hydraulic retarder device. Secondary retarding device functions, and is not subject to the interference of transmission when shifting clutch. Its reliable performance has won the manufacturers and users. Eddy current retarding device because of its flexible characteristic of installation configuration, not only can be installed on the transmission, and it also can be installed on the drive bearing or rear axle, which is able to produce Auto manufacturer standard, can also be installed at the factory after. 
  Steady speed device is a very critical component of automotive. It is related to the Auto in the process of stability, safe and reliable for Auto driving is very important. 
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