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  • The industrial robot influence pattern of global manufacturing

        Since the world's first robotics industry was born, the rapid development of the robotics industry with amazing vitality, and directly contributed to the profound changes in the traditional manufacturing sector. Today, this change is further spreading to manufacturing new economic era, penetration."Robots can have an impact on the balance of the world's manufacturing economy," which is the London consulting firm Metra Martech report submitted early in 2011 to the International Federation of Robotics in to make a prejudgment. Report that the application robot m...


    Tags:  robotics industry  robot industry 

  • Solar panels will make the earth cooler?

       Solar panels to produce electricity, there by reducing the use of fossil fuel emissions of greenhouse gases, and thus combat global warming. At the same time, they can block the light from the sun as Earth's. This additional block should also be able to combat climate change, because less solar radiation means cooler Earth, right?However, scientists recently in "Nature Climate Change" magazine reported that things are not so simple. Research confirms that solar panels actually let some places hotter. The researchers simulated an idealized scenario: a desert and urban areas compl...



  • Global oil and gas industry mergers and acquisitions in 2016 will accelerate

       SanfordC.Bernstein said the global oil and natural gas industry mergers and acquisitions will accelerate next year, and then will bring crude oil prices rise.SanfordC.Bernstein's analysts said in a report: "we believe that those companies with strong balance sheets and limited organic growth will acquire companies that are rich in resources but have poor balance sheets."The report notes that in the past 50 years, every time the oil price drop will lead to an increase in mergers and acquisitions.



  • RMB become world's second largest trade finance currency

       Yesterday, Yao Yudong, director of the central bank's financial research in the 2015 Beijing emerging markets forum, said that the current RMB has become the world's second largest trade finance currency and the world's fourth largest payment currency, the RMB to join the special drawing rights (SDR) basket of currencies will help to reform and improve the international monetary system. China will further promote the reform of the RMB capital account convertibility, expanding the size of the RMB as a reserve currency.


    Tags:  RMB become world's second largest trade finance currency 

  • Under the new normal to see automated transformation, industrial robots are widely used

             With the development of electronic technology, more and more intelligent machines have made human beings see a bright future. In recent years, the development speed of the robot can be said very rapidly, such as in the earthquake relief, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Institute of Automation Research Institute of the two earthquake rescue robot has played a significant role in helping the rescue team to do a good job in the rescue mission, but also for the development of Chinese robot to broaden the new areas. In the manufacturing industry, the robot, ...


    Tags:  intelligent machines  rescue robot automatic machine 

  • Industry 4.0 Factory: modularity, digitization, automation and intelligent

       Smart factory is the core elements of industrial 4.0. In the smart factory requires not only individual equipment is intelligent, and requires that all facilities, equipment and resources (machinery, logistics equipment, raw materials, products, etc.) to achieve interconnection within the plant to meet intelligent production and intelligent logistics requirements. Through the Internet and other communications networks interconnected so that everything inside and outside the plant, the formation of a new business model.In a sense, Industry 4.0 CPS system is smart upgrade production equipment, i...


    Tags:  Smart factory  Industry 4.0 

  • Autonomous rescue robot is coming!

       In the risk of accidents or disasters environment, rescue robot is expected. But as international application has invested mainly by remote control, rescue robot, manmachine communication was easy to interrupt problems such as limit of the efficiency of the robot. Germany, 21, said burns university, they developed independent rescue robot is expected to solve the above problem.As international application has invested mainly by remote control, rescue robot, the robot need to remote control, can't at the scene of the complicated disaster act independently. But in the scene of many d...


    Tags:  rescue robot  man-machine communication 

  • Machinery industry: automation can replace manual?

       Automated substitution of labor may be the first manifestation of the traditional laborintensive industries, Foxconn has been a largescale promotion. Labor intensive industry, the equipment will will open the traditional mechanical set ceilings Mao industry development, promote the machinery and equipment sales continued to grow. From the actual demand, agricultural automation machinery, metallurgical and mining equipment, packaging and printing equipment and transportation and other special automation machinery may focus on the benefit."Rising labor costs, as well as the continuous impr...


    Tags:  machinery industry  automation machinery  machine tools 

  • How to understand China 2025 through the German manufacturing industry 4.0 ?

       Industry 4.0 depicts the vision for the future of manufacturing, the purpose is to raise the intelligence level of the manufacturing sector, the establishment of adaptive, resourceefficient plants wisdom, customers and business partners to integrate business processes and value in the process, which is based on network technology entities and physical interconnection systems.Regardless of its name is the German Industry 4.0, the US Internet industry in China is still 2025, crossborder integration of information technology and traditional industries has become an inevitable trend. An era of man...


    Tags:  manufacturing services  German Industry 4.0 

  • Mold manufacturing industry market upgrade, driven by the development of mold industry

       The development of China's mold manufacturing industry increasingly people's attention and concern, in the electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, meters, household electrical appliances and communications products, 60% 80% of the parts have to rely on molding. It is understood that in recent years with the manufacturing base to accelerate the transfer to China, the rapid escalation of China's manufacturing industry is driving the development of mold industry.Although at present our country mold manufacturing total production has been ranked third in the wor...


    Tags:  China's mold manufacturing industry mold manufacturing 

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