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  The transfer and unit machine from PURROS, the core parts are composed of drilling head and tapping units. The feature is used the electromotor with high-performance and high power, from low to high speed, in light weight and small size. It is good at drilling all kinds of small holes. If the transfer and unit machine equips the fixed multi-spindle head, at the same time, the hydro speed regulator to control the feed speed of drilling unit, when the operator press a button, a complex porous part will be finished in a few seconds, the whole process is automatic. So the transfer and unit machine can greatly improve the production efficiency, and save the cost.



Self Feed Drilling Heads

PURROS Self Feed Drilling Heads


Hydro Speed Regulator

PURROS Hydro Speed Regulator


Fixed Multi-Spindle Head

PURROS Fixed Multi-Spindle Head



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