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Home: Servo Tapping Machine

What is the Servo Tapping Machine?

Servo Tapping Machine is a Mechanical processing equipment that it is used to tap the different specifications of the holes or blind hole inside of parts, for example: mechanical shell, the end face of the device, nut, flange, etc. Servo tapping machine is also called the servo tapping machine, screw servo tapping machine, screw threading machine, automatic servo tapping machine, etc.
Features: It is easy to adjust the High-precision tapping stroke; auto-reverse device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, shallow hole and low mechanical parts are easy to adjust, double safety device to prevent the damage from tapping (fracture), spindle rotary knife AD hoc double safety clutch with up and down in a dilemma, spindle can stop automatically, reverse the blade will not damage the cutting tool.
Electric tapping machine is composed of the following sections:
1. Servo motor: The voltage signal is converted to torque and speed to drive control objects.
2. controller: Power control and torque overload protection.
3. Display: Forward and backward speed control and regulator.
4. Tap chuck torque protection: Adjust the chuck torque size, tapping to the bottom of the blind hole exceed its distance, slip protection.
5. Stand: This height can go up and down, operating anywhere within a radius of tapping.
Electric tapping machine functions:
1. Positive and reverse rotation speed control function independently
2. High speed and low speed switch control
3. The main body and tap automatic overload protection
4. Tapping depth automatic control (through input how many laps)
5. Automatic and manual mode conversion (display tapping parameters) including work when tapping torque, rotational speed, depth of the display
6. Stepless speed regulating, provide different output torque and rotational speed
Electric tapping machine applies: carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, plastic stool materials. Machinery, mould, valves, hardware, etc
The operation of electric tapping machine:
After the power is turned on, turn on the power controller, tapping speed have been set, hold down the forward, servo motor torque and speed output voltage signal can be converted to tapping operations, when the attack in the end, hold the reverse button back.. High precision tapping!
Notes: could not load tapping, stepless speed regulation gear in place before tapping, to adjust to tapping torque, voltage should be stable.
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