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 PURROS® Electro Pneumatic Drilling Units Parameters

Model Aluminum Iron Steel Spindle stroke No-load speed Motor power
PR3P Φ14 Φ11 Φ9.5  80mm/100mm  Customization  0.55kw/.075KW
PR4P Φ19 Φ15.5 Φ13  80mm/150mm  Customization  0.75KW/1.1KW
PR5P Φ21 Φ17 Φ14  100mm/150mm  Customization  1.1KW/1.5KW
PR6P Φ24 Φ21 Φ19  150mm  Customization  1.5KW


What is the Self-Feeding Drill Heads(units)?


Self-Feeding Drill Heads(units) can achieve the main motion and feed motion, and automatic workpiece cycle power unit. And it is relatively simple variable transmission machinery, a variety of shapes; basic principle is the motor drives a gear shifting of machinery. It can be boring, milling, drilling, etc. Some of the Self-Feeding Drill Heads with rail; can linear motion in a small area. Mainly it is used to manufacture the special machine.


The categories of Self-Feeding Drilling Heads(units): Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Boring, Reaming 


The features and applications of Self-Feeding Drill Heads(units):
1. Due to the tool self feed and rotation is synchronized, so special thin and soft material can be effective machined.
2. Well-adapted, easily to adjust the diameter of the thread, screw pitch and stroke.
3. Long stroke, many kinds of accessories, easily to change the single-spindle tapping to multi spindle tapping, to meet the needs of users of small batch and mass production at the same time.
4. Ceaselessly respond to users for high speed drilling, drill unit, wind power base type.
5. Base type Self-Feeding Drilling Heads are high-precision and high-rigidity of drilling devices. The main spindle uses a high-powered and high power motor; have a wide type from low speed to high speed. The main spindle head of drilling and tapping are a power unit; can drill, tapping and also can assemble the multi-spindle heads to improve the efficiency. High precision products processing, mass production can be equipped for automated operations. For example: Motorcycle parts, auto parts and other high demand and mass production parts.
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