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Home: Pneumatic Press


What is the Pneumatic Press?

Pneumatic press using the high pressure gas that it produced by compressor, the compressed the gas will be supplied to the solenoid valve through the pipeline, through the foot switch to control the action of electromagnetic valve to control the cylinder progressing and return, and then as to achieve the aim of punching



The Structure of Pneumatic Press:

1. Clamping Screw

2. Adjusting handle of the work table (To adjust the height of work table)

3. Control the speed of plunger down (Stabilize the machine operation)

4. Air service unit (F.RL) (Supply pressure control and cylinder output power setting)

5. Press control (Two hand safety push buttons/Foot switch operation option)

6. The stroke adjustable at 50mm (Quick and easy adjustment of working stroke by lessening this locknut)

7. Counter (Daily production control)

8. Timer (Power stroke holding time setting)

9. Power signal light

10. Timer switch (On-control active time, Off-manual control)

11. Power switch (On/Off switch)

12. Pedal control switch (Applicable to connect with controller box power supply)



The features of Pneumatic Press:

1. High efficiency and easy operation, reduce operator fatigue to a minimum.

2. Design of column foot and structure is suitable for sustainable operation.

3. Simple structure and minimal maintenance.

4. Fast, smooth and other properties.

5. Light weight easy to move.

6. Design of press machine is applied to components compression, forming, perforating, bending, riveting, printing and so on.

7. Operation equipped with safety devices to provide perfect safety protection.

8. Cylinder axis with only the transfer of guide bar to make the work more accurate.

9. Optional pedal switch or manual switch control.



Applications of Pneumatic Press:

Thrusting, Punching, Bending, Printing Perforating, Pressure assembly, Extruding, Axis pressed in, Riveting, Combination, Forming

Applications of Pneumatic Press

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