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Work principle and advantage of magnetic drill


    Magnetic drill, also known as iron absorption drill, magnetic block drill rig, perforating machine, steel drill, iron plate drill, magnetic electric drill, electric drill machine etc.

    Magnetic drill is to use electromagnetic induction through the magnetic holder, the drill stand and swing adsorption in the iron and steel work piece surface drilling mechanism, using the drilling process of a movable efficient tool. After electrify, magnetic drill through electromagnetic effect produce vertical to the magnetic underside thousands of kilograms of magnetic attraction force, make them firmly adsorbed on steel plate or structural component process surface, have the effect of fixation machine, the stronger magnetic suction, magnetic drill fuselage at work can be more stable, the drill accuracy is also higher. Open the motor start switch, the machine inside the motor rotor high-speed rotation, through the transmission gears drive shaft rotation, drive the drill circle round, at the need of drill site through drill proceed cutting drill hole.

    Magnetic drill has small volume, large power, high efficiency, accurate positioning of characteristics. And can take advantage of the magnetic holder adsorption capacity, drilling operations from different angles. Used with core bit, the effect is better. Magnetic drill drills out hole of high precision, belong to the physical cutting, won't produce chemical reaction, won't make the material deformation.

    Magnetic drill because of so many advantages, are widely used in various complex environment of the steel structure drill work, especially in shipbuilding, bridge, mechanical equipment installation, steel structure engineering, underground construction, large equipment maintenance, power plant maintenance and so on.

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