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What should pay attention to Change direct-attached power head drilling speed?

  So-called drilling power head generally refers to the combination of machine tools, machinery, etc used by more root bit more processing power pack together. 


If you want to change the direct type power head drill speed, can disconnect the motor and power head connection, change the motor gear and motor connected to power headgear teeth can change the speed of all power head drill.
But to meet three conditions: 
1, two axis center distances can't change, that is to say the sum total of the number of teeth on the gear cannot be changed, a gear add a tooth, another gears must be reduced by a tooth . 
2, gear root cuttings are best not to happen. 
3, after the change shall not be interference occur with other gear or shaft. 
If you want to change a drill rotation speed, It would have to familiarize themselves with drawings, the connection this bit of gears on the spindle and gear connected to the gear, new processing on a pair of gears is installed, in accordance with your request.  
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