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What is dry cutting technology?


    Dry cutting machining is in the process, in cutting tool and work piece and cutting tool and chip contact zone without cutting fluid processing technology method. Dry cutting is not simply stop using the cutting fluid, but at the same time of stop using the cutting fluid, ensure high efficiency, high quality product, high cutting tool service life and reliability of the cutting process. Therefore, dry cutting is referred to as "green cutting", is free from contamination.

    Dry cutting technology is a significant innovation to the traditional production mode, all kinds of superhard, high temperature resistant cutting tool material and its coating technology development, have created the extremely advantageous condition for dry cutting technology. With the rapid development of high-speed machining tool process technology, cutting speed, cutting power increase sharply, has a huge increase in metal removal per unit time, machine tool process using cutting fluid dosage is more and more big. But when high speed cutting, in fact cutting fluid is difficult to reach the cutting area, cutting fluid is very difficult to have cooling effect. Therefore, high speed cutting technology development promotes the research of dry cutting technology.

    Want to dry cutting technology to meet the best, so should be strict with cutting tool performance.

    1, good hot hardness and wear resistance

    Dry cutting’s cutting temperature is usually higher than wet cutting, hot hardness high tool material can effectively bear cutting process high temperature, maintain good wear resistance. In that case, cutting tool material hardness is more than 4 times for the work piece material.

    2, lower friction coefficient

    Reduce the cutting tool and the chip, cutting tool and work piece surface of friction coefficient, a certain extent can replace cutting fluid lubrication function, inhibit the cutting temperature rise.

    3, high temperature toughness

    Dry cutting’s cutting force is bigger than wet cutting, and dry cutting’s cutting condition is poor, so must have high temperature toughness.

    4, high heat chemical stability

    Dry cutting temperature, cutter still maintaining high chemical stability, reduce high temperature affect chemical reaction catalyst, so as to prolong cutter life.

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