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Vertical Drilling Machine structure and advantage


    Vertical Drilling Machine can be used for drilling, reaming, designated end face, tapping screw thread and other processing, is a relatively common metal cutting machine, high precision, wide application, is suitable for batch processing.

    Vertical Drilling Machine structure is made up of the following points.

    1, Main shaft, drilling (cutter) the location of the installation.

    2, Main shaft gearbox, spindle speed determined by the hole diameter, large diameter with slow speed and small diameter with fast speed.

    3, Feeding box, is used to change the drilling spindle turn each feeding.

    4, Electromotor, drive spindle is positive and negative rotation.

    5, Engine base, motor installation position.

    6, Workbench, all kinds of work pieces and clamping tools put the location.

    7, Column stand, bearing spindle box, spindle box and workbench can lift on columns.

    Compared with the Radial Drilling Machine, Vertical Drilling Machine drilling steadier, drilling force is big, can also be tapped. But in the big and porous work pieces, move more inconvenience. Vertical Drilling Machine also has Square Upright Vertical Drilling and Cylindrical Vertical Drilling. Among them the workbench of Cylindrical Vertical Drilling Machine can rotate around, move more convenient. Vertical Drilling Machine spindle speed, feed has large change range, can be adapted to different materials of cutting tool in machining on the different work pieces. And has higher productivity, higher machining precision, etc. advantages.


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