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Under the new normal to see automated transformation, industrial robots are widely used

      With the development of electronic technology, more and more intelligent machines have made human beings see a bright future. In recent years, the development speed of the robot can be said very rapidly, such as in the earthquake relief, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Institute of Automation Research Institute of the two earthquake rescue robot has played a significant role in helping the rescue team to do a good job in the rescue mission, but also for the development of Chinese robot to broaden the new areas. In the manufacturing industry, the robot, industrial automation development is also rapid, in the past period of time, the robot is also used in the automotive field, now has exceeded the limits, in other manufacturing industries have begun to be popularized and applied. We from the understanding in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, last year by the Dongguan City by letter bureau takes the lead, Guangdong extension that Sida enterprises as a speaker unit, in 30 townships, seven games on machine substitution "a year back to the automation, also highlight the company's high-speed servo manipulator, non-standard automation core technology advantages, which greatly promoted the machine substitution (in traditional manufacturing industry to the automation of industrial transformation and upgrading) pace.

      More and more traditional manufacturing enterprises under the new normality will be gradually replaced by robots, and it will slowly spread, gradually integrated into People's Daily life. Automated production deep into all areas, life will be more convenient, all kinds of robots, injection molding machine, punching machine, transfer machine, and so on appear constantly in everyone's eye.

      But with the increasing of the modern science and technology developed, the progress of automation is so fast, also let many people feel panic. When the robot gradually into our life environment, the worrying events. Has a factory in Japan a repairman, inadvertently touches the button of the machine, the processing gear machine immediately work, take the workers as gear pick up, in the processing stage smashed into patties. In the summer of 1982, a British woman in test battery of industrial robots, robot suddenly start, fold women's arm in two places. Robots cannot identify human and industrial products, mistakes humans become victims.

      Although the life of the industry is very close to, and even to facilitate our production, but still can not deny that these "automatic machine" will do harm to human beings.

     However, it must be clear that, regardless of whether we are willing or not, the era of the robot is really coming, and has begun to affect our lives. What do you think about this future?


      But there are also some of the industry in China to have a totally different view, labor shortage and the transformation of the manufacturing industry, the robot can help humans, such as a simple introduction of several robots, can accelerate the development of industry trends. Machine automation for the best production tools and human partners, qualified for a variety of work and no complaints, work fast, particularly high accuracy, endurance, especially for a long time, so that all walks of life to do better, faster, more accurate, higher quality.

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