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Three axis power head

 As the needs of large-scale industrial production and the rapid development of science and technology, using special equipment synthesis of modern high-speed lines and multifunctional and efficient combination machine tools, in many industries has become guarantee the accuracy of product, reduce the production cost, improve labor productivity, and one of the key measures of enterprise competitiveness.

Three axis power head as one of the important power components of combination machine tools and applications in the automotive industry, household appliances industry and motorcycle manufacturing brings great economic benefits, has been proved by the practice of many manufacturers at home and abpurros. Has been in light industry, elevators and other mechanical processing manufacturing industry has been widely used, and gain considerable economic benefits.
Purros three axis power head, high power and high performance is used for servo motor, high precision tapping machine of numerical control system, make the small aperture and blind hole tapping more accurate and higher precision. The purros three axis power head has the following features:
1, the biggest tapping capacity: aluminum alloy: M14, steel: M12
2, top speed of 3370 RPM high speed machining.
3, using high-performance servo motor. Numerical control system to ensure that the thread at 6 h high accuracy.
4, can be arbitrarily set the second origin, set to ride fast, compared with the lead screw or into full gear type tapping machine stroke work, increase efficiency of the machining.
5, can be used with multi-axis device, the effect is better.
You can according to their own product features, different requirements, choose the appropriate models, can also provide various parameters requirements to us, the purros company made to help you the most suitable for your head.
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