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The industrial robot influence pattern of global manufacturing

 Since the world's first robotics industry was born, the rapid development of the robotics industry with amazing vitality, and directly contributed to the profound changes in the traditional manufacturing sector. Today, this change is further spreading to manufacturing new economic era, penetration.




"Robots can have an impact on the balance of the world's manufacturing economy," which is the London consulting firm Metra Martech report submitted early in 2011 to the International Federation of Robotics in to make a pre-judgment. Report that the application robot manufacturing rebalance the world economy, the traditional labor force countries to improve their competitiveness in the world market, resulting in increased competitiveness and sales of industrial products, further increasing the employment opportunities in manufacturing, accelerate promote the process of a new round of technological revolution.
Opportunities and challenges brought by the robot industry mainly in: In the short term, extending the robot functions relative decline in the manufacturing sector will inevitably lead to a single production unit, the demand for people, leading to a number of production workers laid off from the manufacturing sector. In agricultural technology revolution of the 20th century, the US agricultural employment from 40% of the total population dropped to 2%. In the heyday of manufacturing, about one-third of Americans engaged in manufacturing, and now less than 10%. But at the same time, a large scale will also spawned a number of new robot jobs, including robotics research and development, control and maintenance. International Federation of Robotics recently released a "positive employment impact of industrial robots," research report, said industrial robot to create more than 200 million jobs in the next eight years will be.
Extensive use of robots, manufacturing enterprise management challenge, can reduce the number of employees, streamline management processes, but also for enterprise information put forward higher requirements, the production data product presentations, product shall be done by computer.
Around the robotics industry launched high-end manufacturing, may become a new field between the United States and Europe and other developed countries competing and emerging economies such as China. In 2010, China's share of world manufacturing output accounted for 19.8 percent, more than the United States as the world's manufacturing superpower. Overall, however, the global rise of a new round of technological revolution and increasing pressure on domestic resources and environment of the particular context and unsustainable contradiction of the traditional industrial model has become increasingly prominent, and the major developed countries tried to regain the momentum of manufacturing advantages are obvious. Obama made it clear through the development of the robotics industry and other high-end manufacturing to make the US economy, "Built to Last." In 2013, the EU made it clear Europe must be "re-industrialization" in order to revive the European economy, and the industry accounts for the proportion of the EU's GDP increased from 15.6 percent in 2020 to 20 per cent of the overall goal, which is to focus on the development of the robotics industry.

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