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The classification of multi-axis drilling machine

 Multi-axis drilling machine commonly known as multi-axis device, porous drill or multi-axis drilling machine. Is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment. Multi-axis drilling machine first appeared in Japan, after Taiwan was introduced into China. It has a history of 20 years. Spindle vertical arrangement and center position fixed holding on, or drill. And there are multiple drilling shaft vertical drilling, called multi-axis drilling machine. Commonly used in mechanical manufacture and repair engineering hole of medium and small workpieces.

Multi-axis drilling machine is widely used in machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing. Porous parts: such as automobile, motorcycle engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering gear, shaft, wheel hub, differential shell head, half shaft, axle, pump, valve, hydraulic components, solar accessories, and so on.
Multi-axis drilling machine can be divided into fixed and adjustable two specifications, the adjustable multi-axis drilling machine within the scope of the processing, the number of the spindle, spindle, the distance between the relative can be arbitrary adjustment, a feed processing several holes at the same time. Stationary multi-axis drilling machine adopts single piece (the job) plane design scheme, based on its high frequency of mechanical parts processing, the reasons of the large amount, specifically tailored to a one machine equipment. Following the purros to introduce the multi-axis drilling machine under two types:
A, adjustable: ontology structure with gear box, accompanied by a universal joint head, because of the universal joint is a movable shaft parts, so it can move around within limits. In the adjustment process should not be restricted by gear pitch, suitable for processing various indeterminateness hole, with wider range of use. Defect is wanting the precision control, slightly higher than the long-term use of movement rate. Suitable for sheet processing capacity is not big, replace the mechanical parts of enterprises for years.
Fixed: according to tailor multi-axis machine piece machined part, in accordance with the spacing, arrangement of parts, die moving axis. So as to achieve the single uniaxial, a multi-axis device of a standard solution. This is the use of multi-axis machine the final pattern, is to improve the production efficiency of the fastest drilling equipment. Fixed orifice multi-axis guide to accurate and durable, in replacement of type a, there are a lot of space for convenient, will not be obstacle for fixtures. By processing the product more precise and multi-axis drilling machine is more durable.
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