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The characteristics of the two different porous drill

 Porous drill known as drilling machine, multi-axis machine, multi-axis drilling device or multiple spindle head. Is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment. A typical porous drill as long as with ordinary drilling machine can a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread one-time treatment.

Porous drill is also called the group of drill, can be used for drilling and tapping, general models are available 2-16 holes, promote efficiency, fixed number of informal model axis, drill spindle form, size can be designed in accordance with customer needs processing. Porous drill in the spindle direction can be divided into vertical porous drilling and horizontal drilling, horizontal porous and single hole, double-sided drilling and multifaceted diamond.
PURROS to introduce the horizontal under two worktables porous drilling and sod and the characteristics of the drill:
A porous drilling, horizontal two worktables
1, a clamping workpiece, the two sides to the hole forming, improve product accuracy.
2, the machine adopts high precision gear box and servo slider combination.
3, the machine adopts CNC control system, the adjustment is more simple, more accurate positioning
4, workpiece using pneumatic clamping loosen, the clamping is convenient.
B, porous drill three working characteristic
1, a clamping workpiece, three directions at the same time complete drilling, tapping and high precision processing.
2, the machine adopts hydraulic drilling power head, high precision lead screw tooth tapping head combination.
3, PLC control system, low fault rate and easy maintenance
4, workpiece using hydraulic clamping loosen, the clamping is convenient.
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