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The advantages of self-feeding drilling heads and maintenance advantages

Advantage of the self-feeding drilling heads:

1.  Due to the rotation of the tool is synchronized feeding and therefore very thin or very soft materials can also be efficiently processed;

2. Adaptable, you can easily adjust the diameter, pitch and itinerary processing thread;

3.  Long stroke, many kinds of accessories, you can easily be replaced with multi-axis uniaxial tapping head tapping head, can meet user needs in small quantities and mass production;

4.  Continuous response to the user's high-speed drilling, drilling head, wind-in base type;

5.  The spindle is rotated by electricity, feed and control the most outstanding cost performance drilling equipment by air pressure, you can choose the most suitable model from the rich models based on the processing conditions;

6.  The base structure of high-precision, high rigidity drilling unit, the spindle motor with a high-performance, high-power motor with low speed to high speed from a wide range of types.


Self-feeding drilling heads because some of its own unique advantages and become as widely applied in modern mechanical kind. Auger long term use, easy to produce some of the wear and tear on the power head, so we must pay special attention to the maintenance of the power head.

1.  For a new power head, the operation must be renewed after January-February of oil, depending on the situation after the March-June to replace a oil.

2.  In the maintenance of the time, when removing the parts you want to remember a good location, so easy to maintain good after the parts to restore the original position.

3.  When in use, and to follow the correct operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the power head.

4.  If the oil temperature is too high at work more than 100 ℃, and the emergence of abnormal vibration and noise, they should immediately stop using the troubleshooting.

5.  Each time you have finished using the power head should be cleaned of sediment, at the junction should add a good oil. Demolition of bolts, nuts, etc. should be cleared of sediment and apply anti-rust oil to prepare for the next use.

6.  Bit wear drizzle basic dimensions 20mm, should replace the drill bit, or easily spiral blades cause wear and tear on a spiral drill.

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