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Shaping machine classification and feature


    Ram with a cutter for straight line reciprocating motion of planing machine, called shaping machine, is due to the slippery pillow front head shaped like a cow. Most of the main movement of the small and medium-sized shaper used crank rocker mechanism transmission, so the movement speed of the ram is not uniform. Large shaping machine adopts hydraulic transmission, ram is basically uniform motion, the return stroke of the ram speed is greater than the work schedule speed. With single blade cutter for processing, and ram in return don’t cutting, shaping machine productivity is relatively low so only suitable for single piece in small batch production planing on small and medium-sized work piece plane, formed surface and groove.

    Shaping machine is mainly ordinary shaper, profiling shaping machine and mobile shaping machine, etc. Ordinary shaping machine by the ram with a cutter for straight and level reciprocating motion, the rest can be restricted in the vertical rotating an angle, and can be manual feed, workbench with work piece intermittent horizontal or vertical feeding movement, often used in machining surface, groove and the surface of the dovetail, etc; Profiling shaping machine is add a profile agency on ordinary shaping machine, used for machining turbine blade forming surface; Mobile shaping machine ram and slide can on the lathe bed or pillar move, applicable to planing oversize work piece local plane.

    Shaping machine workbench can left and right turning angle, workbench has the horizontal and lift fast moving unit, used to planing inclined plane, so as to enlarge the using range; Shaping machine in feed system is equipped with overload safety agency, when due to careless operation or affected by the external force and cutting overload, go knife slip mechanism, nondestructive parts to ensure the normal operation of the machine; Shaping machine is also equipped with a clutch and brake parking institution, so the conversion speed, start machine and parking, but don't have to cut off power supply, parking brake mechanism can make the ram when the clutch is disengaged inertia of stroke volume is not greater than 10 mm.

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