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Servo precision synchronous tapping head

 Machinery manufacturing industry developed mainly gathered in the coastal region of Zhejiang province. Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Is located in the manufacturing industry developed new city of taizhou in zhejiang province. Purros production servo tapping head, drilling power head, which can realize high ratio of performance and high precision automatic feed power head.

Tapping move head can match a variety of products, the following purros to introduce the company production of power head can match the following products:
1. Hydraulic damper, from low to high speed can be adjusted the hydraulic feed speed control device.
2. Multi-axis machining head (axis), can be installed using multi-axis drilling head, which can realize high efficient drilling processing, can meet different processing of shaft and axle spacing requirements, PURROS rich specifications of multi-axis machining head to choose from.
3. The desktop support, applicable to arbitrary processing direction, free desktop support fixed power head Angle.
You can according to their own product features, different requirements, choose the appropriate models, can also provide various parameters requirements to us, we help you custom make the most suitable for your head, welcome calls, letter, sample consulting.
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