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Precision hydraulic function of steady speed

 Steady speed device is a kind of automatic machine is commonly used in hydraulic components, usually is a pneumatic component category. Strictly speaking steady speed and hydraulic buffers and oil roof belongs to the category, mainly in automation machinery buffering and steady speed effect can make the machine running at a constant speed in a certain speed, so as to ensure the accuracy and security of the mechanical operation, can greatly improve the efficiency of machinery.

Steady speed is usually in the manipulator, pneumatic cylinder, speed drilling machine, grinding machine, cutting machine, glasses machines, drilling machines, woodworking machinery, lock equipment, clocks and watches widely used machinery, cutting machine and other automatic machines.
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The main production and sales of hydraulic damper (also called steady speed/buffer/governor) series, drilling power head and special drilling machine series, gear type tapping machine, tapping machine guide tooth stem, etc. PURROS under precision hydraulic steady speed to introduce the features:
1, can long time continuous and stable control, return the spring return.
Don't spill, 2, USES the completely sealed structure and has dustproof effect, suitable for all kinds of special environment.
3, the use of hydraulic oil viscosity under temperature change is still fairly stable, steady speed function is strong.
4, small volume, easy to install, suitable for drilling, milling, grinding, lathe processing. Milling machine, plane grinding, automatic drilling machine, woodworking machinery, pneumatic hydraulic manipulator, automatic cutting machine, circular saw machine feed such as steady speed device.
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