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Operation and maintenance of pneumatic press


    Pneumatic press have PRNA, PRNB, PRNC, PRND series, air oil pressure supercharging press have PRAC, PRAD series. There are some different between the two in operation.

    Pneumatic press PRNA, PRNB, PRNC, PRND series operation

    One, to determine the electrical control circuit and air pressure source has been switched on, through the time switch setting time regularly.

    Two, with adjustable air cushion machine moves more smoothly.

    Three, through the hands button (or foot switch) start. 

    1, no timing control (time switch is not closed), at the same time two press the start button after spindle down, loosen the start button spindle immediately rise reset.

    2, a timing control (time switch is closed), at the same time press the start button two spindle after down, time to regularly, spindle reset.

    Air oil pressure supercharging press PRAC, PRAD series operation

    One, according to the power supply, gas source, the machine is in standby mode, by time switch set rapid descent and pressure decrease time.

    Two, if the mode selector switch to manual operation, rapid decline button, main shaft falling fast, pressurization decline button, spindle pressure drops, loosen the button, the spindle up reset.

    Three, if the operating mode selection switch is set to automatic, with both hands let go after two automatic start buttons, the spindle first falling fast, spindle begin to drop pressure and pressure drop time return to the main shaft.

    Four, in case of an emergency, can through the press the abrupt stop switch to reset the spindle rise and finish work.

    Want to guarantee the pneumatic press of high efficiency work, long service life, so need to maintenance frequently. To ensure maintenance before the lock screw to lock, so as to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel; Before the maintenance of brake, the sleeve for the bottom of the stroke; To keep workshop and pneumatic press environment clean, because a clean pneumatic pressure such as appear oil, gas leakage, fracture etc. phenomenon, the operator or maintenance personnel can quickly find problematic position; Take over the pressure source, will pipe cleaning, removal of moisture, dust, etc.; Ensure the equilibrium position of the pneumatic press, so as to improve the work efficiency; Pneumatic system responsible for the operation of the pneumatic brake and balance system, need to check whether there is a gas leak, because inappropriate pressure can influence the properties of pneumatic brake and balance system, and they control the pneumatic press stop time, once appear problem will make the operator and equipment in danger. Either operation or maintenance, should be cautious, because as long as there is a step in the wrong, can make the personnel and equipment have safety problem.


Pneumatic Press PRNA800A
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