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Multiple Spindle Machine structure design and working principle

    In the drilling industry, Multiple Spindle Machine is indispensable equipment, so it's material is good or bad will directly affect the production. For Multiple Spindle Machine material standard, at present China has not issued a specific standard, most manufacturers use cast iron and cast aluminum to make Multiple Spindle Machine. PURROS Company of Multiple Spindle Machine selects the high quality aluminum alloy casting, because aluminum alloy with light mass, high strength, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance and plasticity, etc. advantages.

    Multiple Spindle Machine is Multiple Spindle Drilling machine, can put several or even dozens of twenty holes or thread treatment one time. Can according to customer demand of product, design and manufacture the different Multiple Spindle Machine, Multiple Spindle Machine can stand firm in machinery industry, with design personnel to the elaborate design of Multiple Spindle Machine structure is inseparable.

    Multiple Spindle Machine structure is varied, can according to the specific operating mode and process of structure design type selection. With Adjustable Multiple Spindle Machine structure design and working principle are make up drilling machine spindle top fixes main spindle gear, middle spindle top fixes middle gear with main spindle gear engagement, they can change the direction of rotation, and location can make circular motion around the main spindle gear. Drill spindle top gear position depending on the part's hole location. When drilling machine spindle starts, through the middle gear drive drill spindle gear rotation, so that the drill rotation. The number of drill spindle according to processed parts number of perforation selection, the distance between the spindle can be adjustment according to the needs of the processed parts.

    Multiple Spindle Machine as drilling equipment in the industry, in the process of production efficiency and relative to buy cheap processing center to make it become more and more popular in the companies, people's demand for Multiple Spindle Machine is also more and more diversification and individuation.


 Multiple Spindle Machine
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