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Multi-axis drilling machine common failures and troubleshooting methods

Abstract: Multi spindle drilling machine is widely used in machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing, Multi-axis drilling common faults has the drill is not moving, drilled hole is not vertical, multi-axis drilling bit drill clamp in the hole and the drilled hole with drill bit diameter is not equal. 
Multi spindle drilling machine is widely used in machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing. Such as automobile, motorcycle porous parts: engine box, brake disc, an aluminum casting shell, differential shell, wheel hub, brake drum, steering gear, shaft head, half shaft, and so on. In multi-axis drilling machine, in use process will often encounter all sorts of problem. The following PURROS Company with you to share about the common faults of multi-axis drilling machine and the elimination method: 
Common fault of one: The drill is not moving. 
The solution: 
1, drill grinding the damage, should remove the grinding drill bit. 
2, drilling workpiece has to heat treatment, ordinary drill unable to drill. 
Common fault of two: the drilled hole is not vertical. 
The solution: 
1, adjust the workpiece mesa balance with the fuselage. 
2, apply gradienter with the fuselage table-board levelling. 
3, apply gradienter correction working table surface depth of parallelism and fuselage the working table depth of parallelism to the same.  
Common faults of three: multi-axis drilling bit drills clamp in the hole. 
Solution: Chose the motor running button pull in reverse, use drill reversal after pick up. 
Common faults of four: to drill a hole with a drill bit diameter are not equal. 
The solution: 
1, such as more than general tolerance is 0.1mm, checks whether the clamp is damaged, replacement. 
2, drill bits are whether bent, replace it. 
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