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Multi-axis drilling before use to check and stop steps

 Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Is a production and sales of various power head, tapping power head, tapping power head, pneumatic power head, drilling power head, drilling power head, drilling tapping head, servo tapping machine, tapping machine, hydraulic gear type damper, custom-made all kinds of multi-axis machine, automatic drilling machine, non-standard porous modular machine tool manufacturers, such as external to undertake OEM ODM processing, incoming sample processing business. Company set up domestic and international trade, the products sell well and are exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan, Middle East, Africa and other countries or regions, renowned at home and abpurros.

Purros professional custom make all kinds of multi-axis device. Can be customized according to your product corresponding multiaxial, unlimited number of shaft, the pitch of unlimited, can be used for drilling, tapping, can greatly improve production efficiency.
Multi-axis device commonly known as porous drill, multi-axis drilling machine, multi-axis machine tools or multiple spindle head, is a new kind of hole processing equipment. Multi-axis drilling machine before use to check whether the clamp is good, the work surface is parallel, on the total power switch. Multi-axis drilling machine parking also should pay attention to what time, when every noon rest, or stop work when the work should make the drilling machine in a safe state stopped, stop operation, motor operation should be selected button in the OFF position, make it stop, cut OFF the power and the total power switch.
TAG: Multi-axis drilling check, Before the use of multi-axis drilling parking steps, Multi-axis drilling benefits

Tags:  Multi-axis drilling check Before the use of multi-axis drilling parking steps Multi-axis drilling benefits 

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