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Mould tapping machine


    Mould tapping machine is a kind of tapping machine, is cooperate with metal continuous mold, in metal stamping part processing in the meantime rapid proceed screw hole processing equipment. Is currently the most advanced hardware parts screw holes molding process, break the traditional processing method, its core is to the traditional "stamping" and "tapping" technology integration together in the mould directly shaping.

    Due to the mould tapping effectively avoid the secondary operation (stamping first, then tapping), so the production efficiency greatly improved, especially for continuous punching die, progressive die, precision die.

    Mould tapping technology realize the "chipless machining", due to tapping adopts  squeezing tap, so thread forming process does not produce chip of cutting formation, do clean environmental protection, and thread strength gets great improve. These are the traditional processing technology can not meet.

    Using mould tapping machine can save work time, tapping high precision, short time, improve production efficiency. Using mould tapping machine can improve the tapping efficiency and accuracy of tap, tap motion and screw pitch precisely fit. Mould tapping machine combine tapping and stamping parts into a process, fully automated, saving labor cost. And mould tapping machine completely rely on mechanical transmission, saving machine energy of specially used for tapping. Mould tapping machine precise positioning can reduce the damage probability of tap, and at the same time can reduce the produce waste probability because of feeding error, thus saving the cost. Mould tapping machine design durable, small volume, easy to install in different molds.

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