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Milling head

 Milling head, the installation on the milling machine and connected to the main shaft, used to drive the cutter rotating machine accessories, is the main component of machine tool equipment.

The classification of the nc milling bed CNC milling since the industrial revolution, great changes have taken place in machine tool industry. Most people know is milling machine, lathe and drill press, known as the common machine tool, the equipment through technical workers operating the hand wheel moving head make the cutter knife along the right direction to the parts processed by position.
Relatively speaking, ordinary equipment processing efficiency is low, the high cost. Today, numerical control equipment in the field of quite a few have completely or gradually replaced the ordinary equipment, different from ordinary machine tool, CNC machine tool processing parts completely automatically, the process of artificial cannot intervene in the processing course.
CNC milling machine for drilling, boring, tapping screw, contour milling, plane milling and milling, plane cavity space three-dimensional modalities surface milling. Machining centres, flexible manufacturing cell is being and developed on the basis of the numerical control milling machine, the main mode of processing and milling processing way.
TAGS: Milling head definition, Milling head development, Milling head characteristics, Milling head role

Tags:  Milling head definition Milling head development Milling head characteristics Milling head role 

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