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Metal surface treatment specific classification


    Metal surface treatment can be divided into the metal surface strengthen treatment, metal surface anti-corrosion treatment, metal surface decoration processing.

    First, metal surface strengthening treatment

    After the part made, in order to improve the metal surface strength, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance for surface treatment process, known as metal surface strengthen treatment.

    1, metal surface coating strengthen method: metal surface obtains special property coating, which can increase strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and other purposes.

    2, metal surface chemical heat treatment method, by changing the chemical composition of material surface, form single phase or multiphase diffusion layer, compound layer to strengthen surface.

    3, metal surface deformation strengthen method: through shot blasting, rolling and inner hole extrusion etc. strengthen technology, make metal surface produce deformation harden and residual stress, in order to improve the surface fatigue strength.

    4, metal surface phase transformation strengthens method: by phase transformation to change the surface structure to strengthen metal surface of the process way.

    5, metal surface composite treatment strengthen method: will be combined two or more can be single used surface strengthen technology, that can be used independently work piece, make their respective advantages, at the same time get more significant strengthening effect.

    Second, metal surface anti-corrosion treatment

    1, metal corrosion: metal surface and surrounding medium occur effect and cause damage and change known as metal corrosion. According to metal corrosion damage form, it can be divided into uniform corrosion and local corrosion. According to the different characteristics of metal corrosion process, it can be divided into chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion.

    2, metal corrosion protection method: correctly choose metal material and the reasonable design metal structure; To improve material thermodynamic stability; Chemical treatment; Electrochemical protection method; Overlay method.

    Third, metal surface decoration processing

    Through surface polishing, surface coloring, bright decorative plating (e.g., bright nickel plating, bright chrome plating, etc.) and art decoration paint film method, make part surface smooth as a mirror, decorated with bright color and beautiful luster. 

    1, surface polishing: make use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action, on the polishing machine or abrasive belt grinding machine for finishing machining method.

    2, surface coloring: in metal surface form a very thin layer, chemical corrosion resistance of the substrate metal compound, after polishing, the thin layer shows smooth and shiny effect.

    3, bright decorative plating: on common electroplating basis, add a small amount make cladding material produce bright additive, form bright nickel-plate.

    4, art decoration paint film: it is a wide range of industrial paint. The film has a hammer, wrinkling, cracking, concave and convex, etc all kinds of beautiful decorative pattern.

    Many mechanical equipments, such as the drill, machine tool, damper, etc are made of metal, so their surface treatment is inevitable. Because metal product not only appearance is beautiful, but also has high intensity, strong carrying capacity, compressive ability, resist tension ability, etc. advantages,

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