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Mechanical part select material principle


    There are many materials of mechanical part, different materials make part also each are not identical, the scope of application is also different, and there are differences in function. So, select material is very important one link, want to consider many factors of material, can according to material usability property, material processing property, material economic property, material application etc. to choose.

    Material usability property, refers to the part in use should have the material properties, which include mechanical property, physical property and chemical property. Most parts main indicators are the mechanical properties. Mechanical properties include strength, hardness, elasticity, yield strength, elongation, impact toughness, etc.

    Material processing property, mainly include casting, pressure processing, cutting processing, heat treatment and welding, etc. The processing technic property is good or bad directly affect part quality, production efficiency and cost.

    Material economic property, each machine product cost high-low is the major premise of the labor productivity. Product cost mainly includes: raw material cost, processing cost, yield and production management cost, etc. Material choice also depends on economic benefits, such as to consider the life of the part and maintenance cost, etc.

    Material application, as a mechanical part design personnel, must know industry development trend when select material, according to the national standard, combining our country resources and production condition, considering the material on the basis of reality.

Mechanical part, Mechanical part select material principle, Material usability property, Material processing property, Material economic property, Material application

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