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Mechanical part application


    Mechanical part, also known as mechanical component, it is composed of machinery and machine that is a single product of not split, it is the basic unit of machinery.

    The part application range is very widely, there are three types of mainly application:

    1, mainly used in precision machinery, this machinery has high requirement on the assorted stability, so the required part in use process or after multiple assembly, the part wear limit does not exceed 10% of the part size tolerance value. This kind of part is mainly used in precision instruments, instrumentation, precision measuring tool surface, and very important part of friction surface, such as the inner surface of the cylinder, the precision machine tool spindle neck, jig boring machine main journal, etc.

    2, mainly used for general precision machinery, this kind of machine to cooperate with the stability demand is higher, so the requirement of part wear limit not more than 25% of the part size tolerance value, require contact surface has good driving fit. This type part is mainly used in machine tool, tool, surface cooperate with rolling bearing, taper pin hole, etc.

    3, mainly used in general machinery, this type machinery requires part wear limit not more than 50% of the part size tolerance value. This kind of part is mainly used in the absence of relative motion components in contact, such as lid, sleeve, require close to the surface, key and key groove working face; Contact surface relative speed is not high, such as stent hole, bushing, belt wheel shaft hole working surface, reducer, etc.

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