Purros specializes in manufacture and sales of Hydro Speed Regulator, Multi-Spindle Drill Heads and Self-Feeding Drill Units.
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Manufacturer directly hydraulic drilling power head


Drilling power head as one of the important power components of combination machine tools and applications in the automotive industry, household appliances industry and motorcycle industry brings great economic benefits, has been proved by the practice of many manufacturers at home and purros. Has been in light industry, elevators and other mechanical processing manufacturing industry has been widely used, and gain considerable economic benefits.
Drilling power head, drilling, tapping operations can also be equipped with multi-axis device, improve efficiency. In the machinery, the coordination between products is very important. The purros production of power head can match the following products: 
1, hydraulic damper, from low to high speed can be adjusted the hydraulic feed speed control device.
More than 2, multi-axis machining head (axis), can be installed using multi-axis drilling head, which can realize high efficient drilling processing, can meet different processing of shaft and axle spacing requirements, PURROS rich specifications of multi-axis machining head to choose from.
3, desktop support, use any processing direction, free desktop support fixed power head Angle.
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of drilling power head, drilling power head, tapping head, servo tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, bench drill, machinery, hydraulic damper, multi-axis device, power head jig, slide, etc. Products are exported to the americas, Australia and other countries and regions, favored by users of praise.
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