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Knife handle importance


    As is known to all, the knife handle is the bridge connected to machine tool spindle and cutter, however, so far, there are many professional personnel engaged in numerical control processing industry hasn't realized the value of the bridge, always thought that the knife handle will not directly affect the processing, just can use, but they don't know, how the idea will bring processing enterprise loss and cost waste.

    Since knife handle is a bridge, so it plays a connecting role, mainly refers to the connection of knife handle and machine tool spindle, if a good machine tool equipped knife handle of precision is not high, in high speed machining, the wear of machine tool spindle is very severe. Light affects the machine tool repositioning precision, in the long run will shorten the service life of the machine tool spindle, more serious is that under the machine tool high speed cutting, small imbalance can cause enormous centrifugal force, will cause a tremendous vibration of machine tool, affect machine performance express. In addition, there is also a role refers to link up knife handle and chuck and cutting tool. Chuck and knife handle itself is a whole fixture, if knife handle and chuck cooperate is bad, will directly lead to serious accidents such as off the knife.

    Cutter itself is cost, knife handle and cutter cooperate badly, in the environment of dynamic balance is not good processing, cutter will be easier to wear, for a long time, process cost will be very big. And in terms of processing, cutter and work piece directly contact, is likely to damage to the work piece directly, that will be processing enterprise maul heavily.

    So, if you want to use numerical control tool, then please select precision machine tool, precision knife handle, with precision cutter, so can play the best performance of the machine, reach customer the most satisfactory processing effect.

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