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It is very important to how to correctly use of porous drilling machine

Porous drilling machine is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment, equipped with process equipment on porous drilling machine, boring, on the porous drilling machine drilling machine with universal table can also drilling, reaming, reaming, deserve to go up a long auger drilling machine or tapping machine can put several at a time, and even a decade or two, a hole or thread due to its superior performance, porous drill is widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering and other machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing

Porous drilling machine manufacturer customer service found that some customers use when drilling machine of bit didn't pay attention to, caused the shorten of porous drilling machine, the following to introduce how to correctly use porous drilling machine is very important, concrete is introduced as follows:

1. When use to read the instructions first, porous drill bit should be packed in special boxes, avoid vibration collide each other.

2. When using, from the box bit shall be installed to the main shaft of the spring clamp head or drill tool change automatic garage. Finished then back in box.

3. Some porous drilling machine using the locating ring porous drilling machine does not use the locating ring, such as using the depth of the locating ring of the installation location must be accurate, if you don't use the locating ring its bit loaded on the spindle elongation to adjust, multiple spindle drilling machine more attention should be paid to this, to make each spindle drilling depth.

4. Often should check the spindle and collet chuck concentricity and collet chuck clamping force, clamping force is bad cause actual speed and the speed does not conform to the Settings, chuck and slippage between drill bit.

5. Drilling dust absorption effect is better, vacuuming wind it can decrease the temperature of the bit, colleagues take away the dust, reducing friction at the same time cross arm and the worktable are not allowed to store items, the work piece must be in accordance with the provisions, clamping, to prevent the workpiece displacement cause serious personal injury accident and equipment accidents.

Above is about how to correct porous drilling machine, how to correctly use of porous drilling machine is very important, the right to use and also affect the work efficiency.


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