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Installation and use of reducer


    Reducer is a kind of common power conveys mechanism, is to use gear speed converter, the motor's rotary number deceleration to wanted rotary number, and get a larger torque mechanism. Widely used in the speed and torque conversion equipment, and various kinds of mechanical transmission system. Therefore, reducer installation and use are directly related to reducer running effect. 

    1, the reducer in the installation, should pay special attention to the transmission of the central axis centering, centering error must not exceed reducer used coupler compensation amount. After reducer according to the requirements centering, it can obtain more ideal transmission effect and long service life.

    2, the reducer output shaft are installed on the transmission parts, must pay attention to the strength of the operation, don't use tools such as hammers rough installation, it is best to use assembly fixture and end shaft of internal thread for installation, with the strength of the bolt screw in will drive a pressure reducer, so that we can protect the reducer internal parts don't be damaged.

    3, reducer used in many different kinds of couplers, but had better not use rigidity fixed coupler, this kind of coupler installation is more difficult, once the improper installation will increase the loading capacity, easily lead to bearing damage, even will cause the output shaft fracture.

    4, reducer fixed is very important, to ensure the smooth and strong, in general we should install reducer in a horizontal groundwork or base, at the same time, eliminate oil out of the row oil tank, cooling air circulation and smooth.

    5, before reducer running, must do work preparation well, take down oil pool spiracle plug screw change to breather plug, open the oil level screw check the oil line height, add lubricating oil over a plug screw hole to overflow, and then screw oil plug and after determine without error, start commissioning.

    6, reducer commissioning time is not less than two hours, run faultlessly standard is smooth operation, no vibration, no noise, no leakage, no impact, if appears abnormal condition should be ruled out in time.

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