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Industry 4.0 Factory: modularity, digitization, automation and intelligent

Smart factory is the core elements of industrial 4.0. In the smart factory requires not only individual equipment is intelligent, and requires that all facilities, equipment and resources (machinery, logistics equipment, raw materials, products, etc.) to achieve interconnection within the plant to meet intelligent production and intelligent logistics requirements. Through the Internet and other communications networks interconnected so that everything inside and outside the plant, the formation of a new business model.

In a sense, Industry 4.0 CPS system is smart upgrade production equipment, it can intelligently analyzed according to real-time information, judgment, self-adjustment, automatic drive production, constitutes an autonomous distributed systems having (ADS) smart factory, and ultimately the manufacturing of large-scale, low-cost customized production.


In building intelligent plant, to focus on modularity, digitization, automation and intelligent four technical topics. Modularity is intelligent factory-scale production and customer demand for customization precondition, which requires major parts suppliers transition to module suppliers, full participation in product design, supply and mode selection unit logistics planning.

Digital, vertical perspective is to achieve at all levels within the plant, as well as equipment and interoperability of digital modeling each; lateral view, is to build from the customer needs, product design, supplier integration, the whole process of supply chain integration system manufacturing and logistics services ʱ?

Intelligent, manufacturers should build a fusion system actual situation, according to customer demand for customization, virtual design, manufacturing and assembly, and then complete the manufacturing process through intelligent plant, an effective solution customized products long cycle, low efficiency, high cost problem. In the smart factory enterprises can achieve Zero dialogue with customers, customers can also be involved in a number of ways to Product "wisdom made" the whole process.

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