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India post aimed at online business began to increase cooperation with electricity enterprises

       On June 15, according to the economic times of India reported that more and more people use online shopping e-commerce platform, which then led to post and rapid development of logistics industry in India. India post also see business opportunities, is trying to increase cooperation with electricity.


      According to estimates, India's current postal department every day carrying more than 200000 pieces of packages, the number has doubled compared with a year ago.


       India maharashtra postmaster-general ashok Kumar said, the volume of electronic commerce is a huge opportunity in front of us. Industries related to electronic commerce will be in the future, in remote areas of post quality is particularly important. For India post, accompanied by an increase in the number of post these emerging enterprises become an important impetus to income increase. India post at the same time seek and strengthen links with the e-commerce companies, such as Amazon, companies such as Snapdeal and or YEP.


       It is understood that in the mumbai area of state, the current amazon's daily parcel transport volume has increased to about 7000, but only in November 2014 to 200.


        According to people familiar with the matter, it began to expand the postal service, the product into the hands of consumers. In mumbai, for the past three months, it issued 700 to about 700 packages a day.


       Two years ago, India's electronic commerce income less than 2 billion rupees (about 190 million yuan), according to estimates, as of March 2015, India's e-commerce revenue reached between 40 to 5 billion rupees (about 3.8-480 million RMB).


       It is reported that India's logistics industry output value is expected to reach $one hundred billion, India's post office look forward to meet people's growing demand in this field, especially in the current private Courier company service also can't completely cover the second - and third-tier cities. Postal service says India will do our best to develop its own 150000 branches of the role of the postal network.


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