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In the first two months of mechanical industrial prices downward

 Since this year, power shortage in the world economic recovery, economic downward pressure, under the background of developing deep contradictions, machinery industry in China under the new normal growth continued to slow down, especially is affected by lack of demand, two months before the mechanical industrial product price change from the previous year to modestly from month to month, appeared a downward trend.


Statistics show that 1 ~ 2 month machinery industrial products total price index is 98.96, while 0.16% higher than a year earlier, but better than January dropped 0.5%, the year down 0.12% over the previous year. Price index for 98.92% during the month in February, 0.12% higher than the same period last year, but 0.9% lower than in January. Compared with the national industry, mechanical industry price index is running smoothly, and since the mid - 2012, price index of mechanical industry overall level is higher than the national industry. 1 ~ 2 months this year, the mechanical industry accumulative total price index continued to 3.52% higher than the national industry.


Mechanical industry accumulative total price index under 100% low high and the number of products have rise again. 1 ~ 2 months, the statistics of 142 kinds of products, the price index is lower than 100% of its products has 90 kinds, accounted for as high as 63.38%, more than 12 a year ago; And the number of product price index is higher than 100% reduced to 49.


Mechanical industry accumulative total price index is lower than last month an increase in the number of products. 1 ~ 2 months, the statistics of 142 kinds of products, the cumulative number of products price index fell last month for 78 kinds, accounted for 54.93%, more than 16 year 1 ~ 12 months; Cumulative price index than last month, the number of product recovery to 56, accounted for only 39.44%, 24 species of less than 1 ~ 12 month last year.


Divisions, farm machinery industry: most products prices are lower than 100%, only rice milling machinery, harvesting machinery, agricultural and sideline food processing machinery, a few product price index is higher than 100%.

Construction machinery industry: the main product price index is lower than 100%.


Petrochemical general machinery industry: most product price index is lower than 100%, such as valves, pumps, compressors, etc.; Fan, ventilator, reactor and other a few product price index is higher than 100%.


Heavy mining industry: most product price index is lower than 100%, such as metal rolling equipment, cranes, mining drilling equipment.


Machine tool industry: the most common machine tool product price index is lower than 100%, most of machine tools and CNC products price index is higher than 100%.


Electronic industry: the vast majority of products price index is lower than 100%, the water wheel generator, boiler, steam turbine, wire and cable, etc.


The auto industry: cars, light passenger car price index is lower than 100%, and large and medium-sized passenger cars, trucks, and other products price index is higher than 100%.


Basic industry: most of the products price index is lower than 100%, such as bearings, gears, etc.


In addition, instrumentation, office equipment, most of the internal combustion engine industry product and price index, castings and forgings products are less than 100%. 

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     As the needs of large-scale industrial production and the rapid development of science and technology, using special equipment assembled into modern high-speed lines and multifunctional and efficient combination machine tools, in many industries has become guarantee the accuracy of product, reduce the production cost, improve labor productivity, and one of the key measures of enterprise competitiveness.

    Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The production of various kinds of power head, production of power head can achieve cost-effective high precision automatic feed. ...


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    Abstract: Servo system is used to precisely follow or a feedback control system in the process of repetition. Its effect is the mechanical displacement accurately tracks the input to the output displacement of the structure, and other forms of feedback control system there is no difference in principle. 
    At present, China is pushing for automation of industrial manufacturing process, the process requires a lot of industrial robots and machine tool equipment, the equipment in the aspect of the overall control of the servo system has very important application. ...


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     Steady speed device is a kind of automatic machine is commonly used in hydraulic components, usually is a pneumatic component category. Strictly speaking steady speed and hydraulic buffers and oil roof belongs to the category, mainly in automation machinery buffering and steady speed effect can make the machine running at a constant speed in a certain speed, so as to ensure the accuracy and security of the mechanical operation, can greatly improve the efficiency of machinery.

    If the steady speed device is not running for a long time, may kill oil seal, the next time...


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    As international application has invested mainly by remote control, rescue robot, the robot need to remote control, can't at the scene of the complicated disaster act independently. B...


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